Floor Treasures and Industry

Mineral resources and Industry

Let us take a look at Morocco’s largest foreign exchange earner, the mineral industry and a major contributor to the country’s GDP. Here is an overview of Morocco’s mineral resources and industry.

Morocco is rich in mineral deposits. It is the third larger producer of phosphate rock after USA and China. Large mineral resources exist but have yet to be exploited the full capacity. It is the largest foreign exchange earning sector and accounts for about 35% of foreign trade. It contributes to about 6% of the GDP. The employment opportunities are many. There are various chemical and textile industries that play an important role in the improvement of the economic condition of the country.

Mineral resources

Morocco has a large reserve of phosphate rocks. There are many opportunities open for conversion of phosphate rock into downstream chemicals. There is substantial production of Copper, cobalt, anthracite coal, silver, gold, iron ore, zinc, manganese etc.

Many incentives are being given to domestic as well as international companies to improve the production of mineral resources. There are regulations related to manage