King Mohammed VI

Morocco’s present ruler, King Mohammed VI, is a well learned man. He has introduced many social reforms and brought about liberalization, much to the content of every Moroccan.

The Alaouite Dynasty is the current Moroccan royal family. It was founded by Moulay ali Cherif who became the Sultan of Tafilalt in 1631. The family claims descent from Muhammed through his daughter, Fatimah az Zahrah and her husband the Fourth Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talik.

The current Monarch is King Mohammed VI who succeeded his father late King Hassan II. His accession to the throne has marked the change in the nature of government with his preferences in the right spirit with the betterment of subjects and country in mind.


King Mohammed VI is a descendant of the Alaouite Dynasty. He has one brother Prince Moulay Rachid and three sisters, Princess Lalla Meryem, Princess Lalla Asma and Princes Lalla Hasna. He married Salma Banani (now HRH Princess Lalla Salma) on 21st March 2208 in Rabat giving her the title of Princess. They have two children Crown Prince Moulay Hassan born on 8 May 2003 and Princess Lalla Khadija born on 28 February 2007.


Late King Hassan II was keen to give him education from an early age. He started attending the Quranic School at the Royal Palace at the age of four and learned the Quran by heart. He also received religious and traditional education at the school. He completed his primary