Climate of Morocco

Morocco’s Climate – There is a season for everyone

A friendly country like Morocco must have friendly weather conditions too. Whether you love the sunshine or singing in the rain, Morocco has a season to suit everyone.

Morocco is situated in the northeastern part of Africa. It is a very magnificent and diverse country with its own identity even though it is situated so close to Europe. There are not just various languages, cultures and customs but there are diverse landscapes also. It is home to exotic cities like Fez, Marrakech, as well as coastal villages.

The country of Morocco has such a wide range of landscape that you have the snow peaked parts of the Atlas mountains, the arid land of Western Sahara as well as the beautiful Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches.

Morocco fairly has a moderate, subtropical climate with cool sea breezes from the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. In the interior parts of the country the temperatures are more extreme. The summers are known to be extremely hot and the winters fairly cold. The average winter temperatures are 21º C (70 º F). In summers the temperature peaks up to 38ºC 100º F. It is mostly sunny the entire year. The summers are pleasantly warm. The time around April and May can be the best time to visit the country. If you visit the coastal region during July and August you may find it very pleasurable. However, inland and in the desert region it can become very hot during this time of the year and more